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Daily Jackpot Drop


What are Red Tiger Jackpots?

Basically Red Tiger gives you a chance to win extra money on top of your normal casino winnings.

Sounds awesome, right? You have this chance every hour and every day, 365 days in a year. Plus, to make things even more exciting, they also have a proggressive super drop jackpot that can drop at any time.

All you need to do is to play any of these games visible on the site here at SuperNopea. Then you are in for a chance to win Hourly, Daily and a Super Drop Jackpot.

What are you waiting for?

3 different jackpots

Daily Drop Jackpot

It's exactly what it sounds like, a jackpot that has to be released before the day ends. The closer to midnight it is, the better the chance of winning it.

Hourly Drop Jackpot

Yep, a jackpot that is guaranteed to be released once every hour, 24/7 so 24 jackpot winners each day!

Super Drop Jackpot

This jackpot can suprise you by dropping randomly at any time. This also means that it can grow HUGE!

Additional information

A certain percentage of each spin on all Red Tiger games goes towards the jackpots.

The value of the jackpot can slightly differ from the real value depending on communication with the server.

If two players win the same jackpot around the same time, the first winner gets the full jackpot and the second player gets the starting amount of the new jackpot.

When a jackpot is won, the value resets to its starting amount:

  • Daily drop: 10.000€
  • Super drop: 5.000€
  • Hourly drop: 100€

Are you the next jackpot winner?